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25th-Feb-2015 08:10 pm

Happiness is handmade

We've seen & we strongly believe that there are many out there, just like us, who yearn for & appreciate the handmade touch. When you're buying handmade, it's more than just a material purchase — what you'll get is exclusivity, quality & a whole lot of care, love & passion from the makers. That's what makes you, & the product you've just bought, different & meaningful.

Our handmade products are crafted by 2 pairs of hands at our little home-based 'workshop'. We take pride in what we do & our products, made from scratch & attention to the tiny details. If you're looking at customizing an item for yourself or simply want to offer a one-of-a-kind gift to someone special, talk to us! We might just be able to add a little dose of magic.




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